Friday, December 18, 2015


I am a little behind on the blog lately, but wanted to share pics of the girls receiving school awards at the end of November and earlier in December.  We are very proud of them!

Little M was Tiger of the Month at CLP at the end of November.  We are so proud of her behavior in school and all that she is learning and doing at school in first grade this year!

Big M maintained all A's again (for the 4th trimester in a row).  We are very proud of her achievement and know that she takes great care in getting her work done, studying, and setting an example for others.   

Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday, Little M!!

We celebrated Little M's 7th Birthday a little early this year so we could have a fun party over fall break.  Little M originally wanted a sleepover, but a sleepover just wasn't something some of her friends were up for!  So, we had a pajama and pancake themed party.  The girls decorated flip flops with fabric, and then had their finger and toe nails painted at the nail shop.  They had time to play with their American Girl Dolls too.  It was then time for pjs and lots of pancakes along with cookie cake and ice cream.  The evening ended with movie time on the sleeping bags they brought with them.  It was a fun day/evening with Little M's friends!  

Pumpkin Town

We had a fun visit to PumpkinTown earlier in the month.  M&M loved spending time with their friends but also had fun with all of the activities at Pumpkin Town.  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of School 2015

Summer is officially over!  While the girls were ready for another year and I was starting to feel the same way, the house sure is quiet today without them here. So glad they went to school with happy, smiling faces as they looked forward to the start of a new year with new teachers.  Little M has Ms. Jeter for first grade.  Big M's primary teacher for fourth grade is Ms. Schmitt, but she will transition to Ms. Jacob's classroom in the afternoon for the subjects Ms. Schmitt doesn't teach.  I am so excited to see how their first day of school has been and look forward to another great year of school!

Little M and Big M leaving for their first day of school.

Little M with her first grade teacher, Ms. Jeter. 

Big M is ready for fourth grade with Ms. Schmitt. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer is over!

It is unbelievable that summer is coming to an end and school starting tomorrow.  The girls have had a lot of fun with friends this summer...visits to the aquarium, the Tulsa Children's Museum/Discovery Lab, lots of swimming, Tulsa Drillers baseball games, visits to Gilcrease Museum, and many visits to the library and book store, and a week long visit to Mamaw and Papaw's house in Louisiana. They also attend ikamp and musical theatre camps! Summer 2015 has been a lot of fun and we wouldn't have had it any other way. While M&M look forward to school starting, it is sad that summer is over and our girls are getting older!

Fun with friends at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks

Little M being goofy and crazy with a friend in the tunnels at the aquarium

Receiving their awards for reaching the library's reading goal

Swimming with friends

More swimming with friends

Fun at a Tulsa Drillers baseball game

Family Fun Day at Gilcrease Museum

 Meeting in Shreveport to pick up M&M from their visit to Mamaw and Papaw's.

More visits from the Tooth Fairy

Big M surprised me on Monday when she announced she had just pulled a tooth. We knew there was a loose one, but no one seemed to realize just how loose it really was.  She was super has been a while since the tooth fairy visited her and Little M had been occupying the tooth fairy's time lately! But an even bigger surprise came today (two days after the last tooth was pulled) when she asked, "Can you help me with something, Mom?". I said, "Sure, what is it?"  She needed help pulling out another tooth!  I got it's the first one I have ever been able to pull for the girls.  She was so happy and relieved another one had been pulled.  No more bottom baby canines for Big M!  

Monday, August 3, 2015

Mary Poppins Musical Theatre Camp

M&M attended another musical theatre camp this summer.  The theme this week was Mary Poppins.  They had a blast and it was so fun because a good friend went to camp too.  We loved seeing Big M sing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious".  She was so animated and you could really see that she was having fun.  Little M and her friend sang "Jolly Holiday". She was animated and having fun on stage too. Definitely a fun camp for the M&M girls! 

After the Mary Poppins Performance

A pic with fun friends!